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Hey! We're the team behind Attacking Average!
You don't know much about us, but we'll change that...
From left to right, we're Dylan Bartram, Deej Jordan, and Benjamin Lawrence.

We each love health and fitness, whether eating great tasting and nutritious food, hitting the weights, or going on runs.

One of us likes that running thing a bit more (cough**Deej**cough)...

Before we tell you more about us, we want to tell you how we met.

We're going to take it back to the summer of 2012. Yeah, that is a while ago...

This is when Dylan and Benjamin met for the first time. Dylan was living in Greenville, SC and working in sales, while Benjamin was down for an internship with a startup that grows diamond in the lab.

And yes, real diamonds using a process called chemical vapor deposition. Cool stuff, right?

Anyway, while hitting the weights one day that summer, Dylan introduced himself to Benjamin. Let's just say Dylan has a tendency to talk to anyone within a 100 feet.

Good news is that we hit it off right away and shared a lot of interests. Lifting weights, healthy eating, entrepreneurship, hiking, and backpacking to name a few...

Here is a picture from one of our trips to Sassafras Mountain in upstate South Carolina!
As the years went on, we were talking more and more about various business ideas. Dylan especially with this whole online thing...

Moving forward to January 2016, Dylan was still living in Greenville and Benjamin was living elsewhere due to other work opportunities.

And as usual, when Dylan was in the gym one day he started randomly talking to this guy he didn't know (there is a trend here)...

His name was Deej Jordan.

Turns out Deej was a fitness fanatic too! He lifted weights most days and ran over 20 marathons in his life.

Furthermore, he was a personal trainer, certified nutritionist, started the process of opening his own gym, and even competed in natural bodybuilding competitions.

This is what he looked like before one of his shows.
Pretty awesome for a guy in his 50s, right?

While Dylan and Deej were talking, Deej mentioned how he also meal preps for people, cooking lunches and dinners in bulk for them each week so they can save time cooking and easily prepare meals in minutes.

Dylan was super intrigued and started thinking that we can teach others these skills.

So we all decided to get into business together.

And Attacking Average was born!

As a company, our goal is to help people with healthy eating. We think this is critical because healthy eating is the foundation for a healthy life and a healthy life is the foundation for a great one.

We decided to produce an online course teaching others the truth behind healthy eating and show step-by-step what it really takes.

Unlike others in this field, we wanted to make sure everything we teach actually works and that it's based on the latest peer-reviewed, scientific research in the industry.

And we promise, we'll never lead you astray. Others do that to make a quick dollar.

For us, your trust is the most important because we truly care about getting you results.

Of course, as a business we made mistakes along the way. There was a lot we needed to learn, both for development as people and as a company.

But through perseverance, dedication, and consistency, we pushed through.

In fact, we think these three things are important for every aspect of life.

For example, a major reason a lot of people are not in better shape is because getting leaner and stronger requires consistency.

You cannot eat healthy and workout for two days, then take the next week off and expect results. You need to make it a lifestyle. 

And this is where we help.

Our goal is to earn your trust by showing you great tasting recipes and what it really takes to get in better shape, whether building muscle, burning fat, or both.

We're not going to push product on you right away. Instead, we'll give you a lot of free material so you can see if it's right for you.

We want to serve as a trusted advisor and friend to help you on your personal journey.

In this journey, we hope you get not only leaner and stronger, but more empowered to achieve extraordinary things and conquer your other goals!

We created a free, 7-video mini-course that teaches you great tasting and nutritious recipes to spark your interest in healthy eating.

Let's start getting you results that last a lifetime...

Welcome to the team!
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