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Want to get leaner and stronger
without all the false promises?
The best place to start is by learning how to cook great tasting and healthy meals. Take our free 7-video mini-course to learn how.
What you truly need to know...
Energy Balance
Know the right amount of food for you and your goals
Simple Recipes
Spend less time cooking and more time living life
Good Habits
Consistency matters for results that last a lifetime 
Dylan Bartram
Personal trainer, fitness and
nutrition expert
Deej Jordan
Master chef, personal trainer, nutritionist, gym owner
Benjamin Lawrence
Fitness and nutrition expert,
writer, engineer
Do you know what it takes to get leaner and stronger?

If not, we aren't surprised.

There are lots of "secrets" and "hacks" and "miracles" out there in the health industry, right?

Or at least a lot of false claims...

Just think about the last article you read or advertisement you saw related to building muscle, burning fat, or improving your health.

It probably made statements that sounded like these:

Pack On Lean Muscle Mass Fast With The Testosterone Booster That Delivers Results...

Lose 21 lbs In 21 Days With This Special Detox Diet...

The Alkaline Diet Strategy That Works Wonders For You...

Hopefully you resisted their offers and didn't believe the hype.

But sometimes it's hard to resist.

We all want a silver bullet, this one thing that makes getting leaner and stronger simple and easy. But as with most things in life, their is no quick, effortless solution.

Building muscle and burning fat is difficult.

It takes consistency with healthy eating and exercise, plus the right mindset to keep you motivated.


While getting leaner and stronger is not easy, it is simple.

Very simple in fact...

Lost from all of these claims is the straightforward truth. The truth that is supported by peer-reviewed, scientific research.

We mean the real research, not the one funded by supplement companies or industry insiders...

We wish everyone knew the truth, but unfortunately it's hard because of all the "noise" out there.

Regardless of what others tell you, maximizing muscle gains after working out, losing that extra body fat, or simply living a healthier life all comes down to one simple fact...

You need to eat right.

There are three actionable steps you should follow to make this happen:

     1. Eat the right amount of calories for you and your goals
     2. Eat healthy most of the time
     3. Do it consistently

You know this, I know this, we all know this...

But while the truth is simple, consistency is hard and temptation is easy.

Our goal is to make this simple truth as easy as possible for you to implement.

We strive to do this as honestly as possible.

A lot of people want to make quick sales and never care about helping their clients. We would rather that you never buy from us, but learn from our free material to get leaner and stronger. This is the right thing to do.

And we want you trust.

If you buy our material eventually, that's cool too...

If not, that's perfectly fine.

We'll still be friends, pinky promise :)
We are different than the others out there.

Our goal is helping you to get leaner and stronger.

Building muscle, burning fat, or a combination of both, we want you to live happy and healthy...
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